Sales Manager, Awarded For Her Best Performance

Proud moment for us at CKDE Pvt Ltd, Ms. Zamrana, sales manager, has been awarded a cash price of Rs.50, 000 for her best performance from Mrs. Namsheera Vahab, Executive director of CKDE Pvt Ltd, in the presence of Managing Director Mr. Vahab Komath, Marketing Manager Rajesh, Senior Supervisor Aswanth, Project Coordinator Mr. Rahanas at a meeting conducted on 11/07/2023.

It has been discussed new strategies, trends, and plans that need to follow for our future actions.

“The way your employees feel is how your customer will feel.  And if your employees don’t feel valued, neither will your customer”.

Our staffs are the milestone of our company. They work for us with dedication and sincerity. Staffs that are happy tend to be more engaged in the work. So to make them, we encourage, motivate and reward them for all the services they are investing in our company to make us successful and profitable.

Our company’s sincere staff is our success. We work for them more than they work for us.